Meet The Wolfe

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My name is Taylor Wolfe and I am the founder of Social Wolfe. I have a broad range of professional experience in social media marketing and educational sales. My background is in creative writing and communications.

I have always been drawn to the world of social media and the power it has to connect people hyper locally as well as across regions.  My focus is to introduce businesses to a wide array of following while establishing a strong online community.

After graduating from the University of Nebraska I moved to Chicago to continue building my own brand and website, The Daily Tay.  My site has had over 1.5 million views and it continues to grow every day. I am a stand-up comedian and my personal website allows me the perfect outlet to try out new material (some jokes never make it offline unfortunately.) I also practice improv at The Second City and iO Theater.

I pursue everything I do in life with passion and determination and always strive to push things to the next level. Are you ready to elevate your online presence with me?

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